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The Spatial Aspect Explorer is targeted for exploring comprehensive amount of spatial data in form of interactive maps. The data for such representation includes both raster data and vector data. Primary design of the product directed for exploring big amount of spatial data, such as global coverage with any desired level of details with high speed of operability over the data from side of user. For meet the target, the program utilizes same pipeline as used in Spatial Aspect Viewer, which is other product of author, used for working with raster data only. More than, it reuses the entire pipeline for raster data from the former product for render its background layer with all respective features of customization from side of user.




Requirements for installation:


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Installation file:

VMapVS.msi - Program version:; Size: 2,754,560 bytes (2.62 MB); MD5: 77075E77F0971396DB60DAB4ACDFB7EB.


Executable file info:

VMapVS.exe - File version:; Date: 2016-06-05; Size: 1,192,005 bytes (1.13 MB); MD5: 2FB837CE1FEA3F837B233F00DC86873B.



Download Spatial Aspect Explorer



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