Recommendations about archives


  It looks obvious; you need organize some repository for archives of data collections before you begin download them. So author recommends a variant, which he consider optimal for the task. Scheme of it is differed from scheme of ready to use data repository in respect of two things:

This variant pictured as follows:

Repository for archives


  Here “Layers” folder keeps all vector data archives for respective planets, and “Rasters” folder keeps all raster data archives for respective planets in respective modalities. Low-level folders “SRTM3”, “LongLat”, “North Pole” and “South Pole” keep respective multipart archives. Also there exists “Programs” archive for storing installation files of programs. Additional “Schemes” archive is optional. It used for storing archive of repository scheme for case of manual installation. The scheme already included in installation of Spatial Aspect Map Locator, which can be used in other case. Also the archive repository can be split on number of medias, having same logical structure.


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